Himalayan Crystal Salt

purest salts for culinary, bath, therapeutic and cosmetic uses

Himalayan salt is a naturally pure, nutritious and therapeutic salt, harvested from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains where it has been protected and kept pure for millions of years. AKA high quality Himalayan Crystal salt naturally contains 84 minerals and trace elements, it’s the essence of life.

Himalayan Salt
  • Himalayan Salt – Fine Grain
  • Himalayan Salt – Crystal
  • Himalayan Crystal Stone – Sole
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Compress
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Pillow
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Eye Pillow
  • Himalaysan Salt Lamp – Natural
  • Himalaysan Salt Lamp -Pyramid
Neti Pot Set
  • Neti Pot + Himalayan Salt Sachet
Himalayan Salt Inhaler
  • Salt Breath + Himalayan Salt