Products overview

The art of using essential oils to promote physical and psychological health and well-being

All of our products are based on natural ingredients using local organic oils from Thailand, blending with the most authentic oils from their original sources , best quality of natural herbs & spices, clays, etc.


All our blends and formulations are in best practice and respect of authentic aromatherapy learnt from Aromatherapy pioneers, only organic and pure essential oils are used according to the concepts and purposes of usage, with carrier oils of organic or cold pressed vegetable oils to carry the therapeutic essential oils into our body and mind mechanism. No chemical fragrance, mineral oil or preservatives are in our formulas.


Natural skin cares, we provide mild plant base bath and body wash, body lotion or moisturizer, hair wash and conditioner, synergetic essential oils blends are available such as Happiness- a fabulous pleasing aroma, Inspiration – so fresh and green note for uplifting, Siam Bouquets – a charming eastern floral, Thai spirit – a fresh reviving herbal note, Green Tea – a balance detoxifying blend and Refreshing – a fresh & cool energizing touch.


AKA is created with the belief in the theories of the oriental philosophy that Nature and Human to form a single whole, and emphasizes the philosophical concept known as “The Unity of Heaven and Human” which implies that to be in good health and well-being one should live in synchronizes with nature.
AKA means oneness with nature for optimal health and wellness and as well means No.1 in Oriental Wellness, oriental way of taking care of oneself to live in perfect harmony with nature. We designed our ranges of skin care and health care products that anyone can simply use and to fit in every lifestyle.


In order to facilitate spas for many sourcing on equipments and accessories required to be used, we provide high quality equipments and accessories with reasonable price so you can just purchase at one place.