Aromatherapy Spa Products & Professional Spa Training

At Make Scents we refer the meaning of “Aromatherapy” as “The art of using essential oils to promote physical and psychological health and well-being” We use the term “aromatherapy” to refer to the therapeutic application of plant essential oils usually diluted in vegetable carrier oils for massage both body and face, for therapeutic bath, for inhalation and of course for producing natural skin care and spa products.
Make Scents has been supplying spa products and training services since year 2000. We are now known as authentic best aromatherapy and spa professional treatment products from Thailand. We’ve been successfully supplying to top prestigious spas in Thailand and Asia and expand to export to Middle East and Europe. All of our products are based on natural ingredients using local organic oils from Thailand, blending with the most authentic oils from their original sources, best quality of natural herbs & spices, clays, etc. are carefully selected to produce our products range to meet the customers’ satisfactions.

Wellness News

The Wellness News area, an extensive collection of aromatherapy and essential oil articles, guides, tips and event activities.